Currin Family

Marigold…crowning the everyday.

Marigold was born out of necessity and is the story of love, sisterhood, warriors and survivors. It is the story of women who demand the best and want to live life richly.

The seeds of Marigold were planted on a routine summer day. With four kids in hand, Callie Currin was approached by a friend fighting breast cancer. Her friend asked Callie where she could find unique caps to wear while her hair grew back.

Motivated and inspired by her friend, Callie searched for a cap as special as her friend. She found nothing. So, Callie poured her artistic passion for fashion and design into creating a cap to cover her friend’s worries, brighten her disposition, protect her dreams and…crown her life. Her friend’s positive response to that first cap led to Marigold taking root and flourishing.

Marigold caps are intended to help celebrate sisterhood and to support women. We are moms, daughters, sisters, wives, friends, CEOs, CFOs, volunteers, survivors, and warriors. The caps are designed to be a reflection of the way we want to live our lives: richly, full of love, with texture and attention to detail.

Inspired by countless stories of everyday heroism, Marigold is committed to supporting women in their fight against cancer through donations to cancer survivors and to cancer foundations. Marigold’s mission is to plant seeds of brightness, love and hope to all women.