I can't tell you the smile I had on my face when I picked up the box on my doorstep. "I bet I know what it is (I hope)." I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE HAT. It is simply perfect and I think of you and your cause every time I put it on. It makes me happy. As expected, I get compliments every time I wear it. Thank you.
I keep all of you and Marigold in my prayers. Since I am going to be a mom, I am going to need lots more. Love,
Jocelyn (San Francisco, CA)


It has been 1 month since my friend started chemo and 3 weeks that she has been without hair. I just cannot thank you enough for your generosity in helping create something so special for her that she has the confidence she needs to make it through. Meeting you and learning about Marigold has been a blessing through this process. I see your hats around town more often and am so excited about your success. Knowing you are helping others the way you helped us makes my heart happy. Thanks again.
(Peoria, IL)


I love your hats and so do all of my clients! The message is beautiful and so many women can relate to your story. I hope to sell many so that we can make a difference. Looking forward to the new shipment. Many Blessings,
Sandy (Chicago, IL)


Last night at a get together of old friends I saw a childhood friend...she was wearing one of your hats and I asked her about it. She told me about you, the hats and the story behind them. My Mom died of breast cancer when I was in high school so I think what you are doing is so wonderful. Your hats are fabulous and I think you could have a great business :) I will be sure to give your info out as I am sure to be stopped with my hats and asked where I got them. If you have some cards...please include some for me. They are all sooooooooooooo great. Look forward to hearing from you!
Kirsten (Chicago, IL)


The marigolds arrived yesterday and oh my goodness I adore them! The packaging, the details, the bling - love love love it all! Mine fits me perfectly and I don't even look like a dork in it (which I had feared), and my daughter's fits with plenty of room to grow. Thank you! I hope to order another one for myself one day soon - I love the cameo ones. Thanks again!
Kim (MA)


I met your friend yesterday at a hat party here in the Seattle area. Your hats are fabulous! And congratulations on such a touching project. Your talent and thoughtfulness are admired and much appreciated.
I purchased a hat for myself and one for my friend, Lisa, who just had her first chemo last week. I got the green camo cap with the flower embroidery, one for each of us. I plan to wear it every day Lisa has chemo! We will be twins! I hope it gives Lisa strength and courage as she battles breast cancer.
Thank you Callie for helping give women hope.
In hope and healing,
Shari (Seattle, WA)